Partnering for Health Care Delivery

Working with LVIP enables you to focus on your core competency. We take care of the details. We are available 24/7. There is a pharmacist on call 365 days a year. We make sure that the products you need are there when you need them!

LVIP is an institutional pharmacy, providing full off-site pharmacy services to private schools, hospice, residential treatment programs, psychiatric inpatient and outpatient services, physicians, wellness practices, independent, assisted living and long term care facilities, senior home care companies, veterinary clinics and hospitals.

We monitor patient medications and provide consulting services which include monitoring the control, distribution, and administration of drugs and assisting in compliance with applicable regulations. Our pharmacists serve as medication therapy experts to ensure that your patients' medications are the most appropriate, most effective, and safest possible, and are used correctly. In addition, we identify, resolve, and prevent medication-related problems that may interfere with goals of therapy.

Your LVIP team includes our owners, Anne Browne and Joe Martragono. Based on your program needs, we will develop a full spectrum team of LVIP resources – pharmacists and technicians - dedicated to your account. The team lead on your account will oversee the medications, packaging, scheduling and delivery. In addition, you will have a dedicated LVIP resource in Colleen Byrnes who handles all of the insurance and billing details.

LVIP will work with you to design a customized program that is tailored to your needs for products and services. Our Business 2 Business program draws on our full range of product offerings - traditional medications, compounded medications, homeopathic remedies, nutritionals, herbs and oil – as well as infusion pumps, health and personal care products and supplies. LVIP provides applicable pharmaceutical training for your nursing staff.

There are many dispensing options - Healthy Living Pharma Cards, with 30, 60 or 90 days worth of a single medication and Healthy Living Pre-Paks®, a convenient dispenser box containing an entire month’s supply of single dose packages of multiple medications and/or nutritionals. We also offer innovative packaging tailored to your needs.

Delivery schedules are customized according to your needs; and with our delivery options we service customers within and outside of Berkshire County, using our fleet of three delivery drivers, US Postal Service, UPS and FedEx.

To arrange an appointment or more information, please contact us.